Pícaro UNISEX Shirt

Pícaro UNISEX Shirt

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The typical tunic meets the classic shirt. It is multi size, non gender and multi use . The Picaro shirt is the sexiest way to express your confidence beyond boundaries, the over size necklace is the focal point of this statement piece. 

*** Available in grey and black, if you want to order one of this colors  or for a special request size, please let us know before finish your order in the costume form below the payment area.

 •100% Organic Cotton 



We made every piece exclusive and handmade for you. The pre-order allowed us to be a sustainable and concious brand, that’s the reason why your order can take between 7-15 days to deliver for the clothing line, 30-45 days for costume handbags and 15-20 days for our jewelry line.  

* We know how good it feels to have a piece immediately, but it feels far away better to own a design, that will express your individuality and was made exclusively for you. All our designs are limited edition. #SlowFashion is the future.